SureFire M622U Ultra Scout

Surefire M622U Ultra Scout

The Best Weapon Mounted light Money Can Buy???


So today I am just going to do a short overview of the SureFire M622U Ultra Scout, and explain to you why this is my all-time favorite weapon light.


The amount of tax payer’s dollars I wasted while I was in Iraq was astounding. I managed to have my M4 completely changed out twice, broke more 240B bipods than I could count, and my platoon managed to almost fully submerge a Humvee into a river.

I managed to destroy almost every piece of equipment I had because they just weren’t up to the level of brutality they were dealt.

That was not the case with my SureFire though.

Like most new Combat Arms Soldiers, I thought I was “Operator” as fu%#, so I bought myself all the tacticoolest gear I could afford.

So… I have owned my SureFire Scout for 7 years, a deployment to Iraq, multiple training exercises, and put it through the ultimate torture test.


As of today, my SureFire still works as perfect as the day I bought it. Though with its chipped up, crappy, Coyote Tan paint, it looks like it’s been through hell and back. But I haven’t had to replace any piece of it (except the batteries of course) for the entire time I have owned it.

Combat proven

SureFire lights can be found on the weapons of many Soldiers and Marines.

They are the #1 go to brand when you need a light that can withstand the Iraqi Dessert heat and the snowy mountains of Afghanistan.

I have no proven numbers, but from my point of view as well as most of my buddies, I don’t think there is another brand out there that has even close to the amount of Combat Experience as SureFire.


I understand that SureFire is not “cheap” by any stretch of the imagination.

The M622U is not an exception to this fact, at $429.00 for the light, ADM mount, and DS07 switch, it seems to be quite expensive.

But to me…

…this light has lasted me 7 years and counting.

That comes out to a little over $60 a year.

So if you would rather buy a $50 light and replace it every 6-12 months when it breaks, and never know if it is going to work when you need it most, that is up to you.

My opinion is…

 with the reliability I have seen through and through…

…It is 100% worth every penny.

-Shocker6 Out

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