S&W SD9ve…As Good As A Glock??

My Comparison of the Glock 19 and the Smith & Wesson SD9 VE



So today I finally broke down and tried the Smith & Wesson SD9 VE for the first time. Like many, I was not very impressed with the idea of a “cheap Glock”, so I never even considered trying one out. My wife’s grandfather bought one on Black Friday for a pretty amazing price (about $160 below retail) so I figured I would go out to the range with him and see what all the SD9 VE had to offer.

First I want to say, that I went into that range expecting a Sigma, (SD9 VE predecessor) and was going to tell him to sell it and buy a “real” gun. Man oh man was I wrong. We put a couple hundred rounds down range and, WOW! It is probably the highest quality and best functioning gun in its price range. Not only does it share a lot with the Glock system it is in MY OPINION better in a few areas over the Glock 19 (any gen). They both have a 4 inch barrel and are almost identical in all other dimensions. The SD9 VE does however, have a much more aggressive texture on the grip and much, much better slide serrations.

The S&W three dot sights are for me much more desirable over the Glock’s “bracket” sights. The triggers both basically suck out of the box.. I would still choose the S&W trigger over the Glock trigger however. I have owned the Glock 19, 23 and 17. I loved all three. I also am in love with the whole S&W M&P line up. However, this SD9 VE is the middle ground between the two. I like it more then the Glock 19 but I would prefer an M&P9c over either. With all that being said lets talk price…

MSRP’s are as follows:

G19 Gen4 – $549

M&P9c – $569

SD9 VE – $389

All in all I believe for the money if you’re looking for an extremely reliable, simple gun, the SD9 VE is a great option.

If you could get either the Glock 19 or the SD9 VE for free.. I still believe, in my opinion, the SD9 VE is the better choice.