Our Top 10 EDC Knives

#10 – SPYDERCO SHAMAN – $150

                The Shaman is number ten on this list simply because of the category of this list. I believe it’s the heaviest knife on this list weighing in at 0.33 lbs. Yeah, it’s a hunk of a knife, but it’s extremely durable! This is the only “heavy” knife I would ever recommend for every day carry. It, like so many other Spyderco knives, is made of S30V steel and a G10 handle. Price is a bit steep, however in my opinion, it is well worth it.

#9 – COLD STEEL CODE 4 (TANTO) – $67


   When I first started the idea of this list, I figured the Code 4 would be like 3rd or 4th on the list…not 9th! However, that just speaks for how highly I think of the rest of the knives on this list, to bump one of my favorite knives to the #9 spot.

                The Code 4 is made of CTS-XHP steel and a G10 handle. It has a great clip, and the grips ergonomics fit my hand perfectly. I have always been a huge fan of this knife.


                The Para Military 2 is an outstanding knife! It is a little pricey (in my opinion), for what it is, but I’m not going to be too picky on the prices since this is a list of the (in my opinion) BEST EDC knives, NOT the cheapest EDC knives.

                The Para Military 2 comes with the Spyderco signature thumb hole which makes it, and all other Spyderco knives, a great winter carry option. It is a perfect deployment system for large hands or when wearing gloves. Made of the always loved S30V steel along with G10 grips. You really can’t go wrong this is beautiful knife.



   The Spyderco Sliverax is a newer knife in the Spyderco lineup. It came out earlier this year (2017) I believe.

The knife is made from the S30V steel with G10 grips. Spyderco is basically known for their amazingly ergonomic handles and extremely simple blades. The Sliverax does not disappoint. Probably the best handle shape on this list. This knife has the flipper and thumb hole (both excellent). It is also equipped with the super strong compression lock. I also really love the Spyderco wire clip on this knife. Thie Silverax would probably have made it higher on the list, however, compared to the other knives on this list, it isn’t the best value for sure coming in around $150.


                The Leek is basically a must buy! Everyone, whether you’re a collector or just someone looking for a great every day option, you are guaranteed to love this knife! Pretty much every collector I know has a Leek.

                First, guys, look at that price! For under 50 bucks you get an amazing knife. This knife is so popular for 4 reasons among the U.S. collectors. Reason one we already established which is the price! Reason two is the fact it is made in the USA. Reason three, there are more variants (even a 24K gold plated option for around $100) of this knife then possibly any other quality knife built today (if not ever). Finally, reason four, the style! I love the style and functionality of this amazing knife!

                It’s made of Sandvik 14C28N steel which from what I’ve experienced holds a razor-sharp edge well. All in all you can’t go wrong with the Leek.

#5 – ZT 566 – $160


      This is the only Zero Tolerance knife on the list. Although, they are a great knife manufacturer they, for me, fall into the same category as Benchmade. Amazing quality, yet a little heavy on the price side. This 566-carry model is, I believe, more than reasonably priced at under $160.

                The blade is made of S35VN steel and the handle is a carbon fiber front with a stainless steel stonewashed back. This comes with a deeper carry clip (which I love) and its action is smoother then any other knife on this list. It is assisted opening by way of the thumb stud or the flipper. You won’t be disappointed with this knife I guarantee it!



  The Vantage Pro is another amazing value. Probably the best value on the list. For under sixty bucks you get the S30V steel with the grip made from Injection molded reinforced nylon with CNC contoured G10 material. This is an unbelievable price for this amazing knife. USA made Buck has been around since 1902, and their reputation is outstanding in the knife world.



   Okay… now we are down to the top three. The third best knife in my opinion is the Kershaw Scallion designed by Ken Onionin. This is my current everyday carry and the reason it is so high on my list is because I have had this knife since October 2007 (over 10 years) and it is still in great shape. It’s been thrown in and out of tool boxes, hauled with me to work everyday for the past 5 years and it is still an amazing knife.

                Made of 420 steel and aluminum handle this thing really holds a finish. I will include pictures of mine at the end of this article just as prof of its quality after 10 years of use.

                Like the Leek the Scallion has many variants and one of the most collectible knives on this list. I believe it has by far the best blade shape out of these knives and it’s a bit smaller then the rest which makes it fit my life style much better since I like having a less “noticeable in the pocket” knife. I could go on and on about why you should buy this knife but instead just scroll back up and look at the price. Under $40 for a knife that has lasted me over 10 years and is still solid? That’s one hell of a bargain! 

My 10 year old Scallion



#2 – BENCHMADE 940-1 – $270


   This knife, being by far the most expensive knife on the list, is also by far the best quality knife on the list. (This is one of the only two knives on this list I don’t personally own. Other being the Para Military 2) But I have played with one and done the research enough to know that I absolutely love this knife!

                Made of S90V steel and solid carbon fiber handle this knife is super light weight and has amazing ergonomics. With the awesome Benchmade access lock and reverse tanto blade you can’t help but to love this knife. This is by far the best knife on this list if you could pick one to have for free. However, since we have to take price into consideration then I wouldn’t feel right putting an almost $300 knife in 1st place.

#1 – SOG TWITCH II – $45


YES! Believe it or not, the only SOG to make the list, is in first place!!

                This is in my opinion the absolute best EDC knife! It is by far the best size for what I look for it is insanely lightweight and oh so simple! Three things I try to find in a EDC knife. Let us not forget the price! Under $45 for the tippy top of the top? Yeah, I know I was amazed as well!

                Made of AUS-8 steel with an anodized aluminum handle that makes it super lightweight! I honestly don’t know what to say more about this knife I mean come on. Under $45 for probably the best EDC ever made? Why don’t you own one? What are you waiting for? These have been on the market for years and nothing has come along to beat it yet!

Thanks for reading,

-Shocker 7